At Lysterfield Primary School, we believe in educating the whole child and understand that the most enriching experiences for students may happen outside the classroom through extra-curricular activities.  

Opportunities are provided for individuals and groups of students to take part in a wide range of activities both during lunchtimes and on incursions and excursions. 


During lunchtimes, staff at Lysterfield Primary School provide a number of enriching opportunities for students through our Clubs program.  Our Clubs program covers a wide variety of interests and age groups ensuring that all students have the opportunity to explore their passions and interests whilst connecting with like-minded peers.

  • Robotics - The Senior School robotics club practices coding, programming and robotics building skills. The program runs twice a week and uses spheros, mindstorm lego, m-bots, b-bots, coding programs, internet site design and programming practice. The program is designed to introduce students to new robotics ideas and programs to support their passion and promote the many varied education and career pathways in these areas. Our Senior School robotics club members also run a similar club for our junior school students.
  • Dance Club - Dance Club is an opportunity for students who love to dance to come together and have fun. Teachers supervise and choreograph dances. The dances are then showcased at performances such as the production, parades and whole school events. The Dance Club also gives students an opportunity to compete in competitions such as Dance Fair and Wakikiri. 
  • Art Club - Lysterfield Art Club buzzes with creativity and imagination! It is a fun and stimulating environment that builds students’ art skills and creativity. Our open sessions encourage children to explore and experience new art techniques and materials. Students from all levels are welcome to come and create their own masterpiece.
  • Rock Band - Rock Band is a group of Middle and Senior School students and teachers, who come together to experience and learn about what it means to be in a band. They learn to listen to each other’s music and understand how each instrument works together.
  • Gardening Club - Students from Prep - Year 6 have the opportunity to help out in the Deirdre Loveless Kitchen Garden. Students help to water, weed and plant.  The produce that we grow in the garden is then picked by students and used in cooking classes.
  • Rubik’s Cube Club - The Rubik’s Cube Club offers a place for students to learn some basic skills to solve the cubes as well as to mix with like-minded students. Whether students are a speedcuber, puzzle enthusiast or just a casual solver, the Rubik’s Cube Club is the place to be! Students are provided with 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, pyramid, megamix and other twisty puzzles for everyone to enjoy.

Marine Ambassadors

Each year Selected Grade 5 students have the opportunity to participate in the Dolphin Research Institute's “I sea, I care” program.  The students, or Marine Ambassadors, have the opportunity to swim with dolphins and seals, learn about the marine environment including plants and animals, look at our native flora surrounding coastal areas and to preserve these environments for future generations. Our marine ambassadors then use their new understandings to develop lessons which they deliver to our junior school students.

John Monash Science School

Each year selected Senior School students are invited to participate in both the Little Scientist Big Science and Mini Mathematician programs, at the John Monash Science School. The program provides students with an opportunity to engage in Science and Mathematics in a way that they might not otherwise be able to do. They work alongside students from JMSS and engage in a series of workshops which are designed to extend their thinking.